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sexy, flirty, and just delicious!

Join me for a workshop teaching you how I get my dramatic images.

I have stock, model, and musician images published around the world. You will learn how I shoot to achieve the images I get from a photo shoot.

I work primarily with lights. This is because I prefer to control the scene so I can get eye-catching images that stand out from others. I will teach you how I set up those types of scenes. My editing style (workshop to come) plays a large part in the end result but the lighting is the main key.

This workshop is for cameras, not phones and tablets or sports cameras.
Be sure to read the lists below to be prepared when you arrive.

You Need to Know Prior to the Workshop

  1. Know how to set the camera you bring to Manual Mode
  2. Know which buttons or wheels control ISO, aperture, and shutter speed

What to Expect

  1. The techniques I use to get dramatic images
  2. How to shoot your camera manually
  3. Control your scene lighting to achieve more dramatic shots
  4. Experience shooting with off-camera flash and the use of remote triggers
  5. The use of reflectors and defusers
  6. How to turn daylight to dark.
  7. You can make a less attractive location a cool place to shoot
  8. 10 mins of individual time with me

What to Bring

  1. Camera and lens
  2. Extra camera batteries

Optional Gear (if you have)

  1. Remote triggers
  2. One flash or strobe and stand
  3. Umbrella or small softbox
  4. Any cables necessary to connect your remotes to your lights
  5. Tripod

Available Models

There will be two models present.

The models will be paid, but a tip per photographer for each model you work with will be expected to show your appreciation for their time. A reasonable tip would be $10 per model.

March 23, 2024 - 4 pm CST








Learn My Shooting Technique

This is a four (4) hour workshop
Date: TBA
Time: Starting at 10 am -  2 pm CST.
Location: TBA

Maximum Attendees: 12

Contact: | (423) 902-5564
Location:  Rural Interconnect Outpost, 25 Municipal Drive Ste. 116, Pikeville, TN

This is a photography workshop only.
No editing techniques will be shown in this workshop. (That will be in another workshop!)


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