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Camping Location

This is a the location I can get for the “Camping/Fishing” shoot.

The drive in is on Owl Road and is not the smoothest road. It is gravel and has some bumpy areas. However a car can make to the gate. Past the gate is one small area where the road has a mud hole. No way to straddle it. Must drive thru it. It might be 10′ long.

Just as you turn in there is a small stream to drive thru. It has some interesting area on both sides.
IMG_20140308_163234 IMG_20140308_163239

First possible location is what was the camping area when I was growing up. It is next to the creek.
IMG_20140308_163031 IMG_20140308_163041 IMG_20140308_163006 IMG_20140308_163010


The drive in…..
IMG_20140308_154018 IMG_20140308_153836

Area to the right once to the old home place (log cabin)

To the left near cabin

In front of cabin near creek. There is a steep hill to go down to get there.

View from to of hill near cabin. IMG_20140308_161041IMG_20140308_161246

Past the cabin is the open field . There is a barn there, but the road is blocked by a tree down and the stream runs into the road. Even if the tree wasn’t blocking the road, the road is more ruff than I would take my truck thru (large rocks).

Very short distance to the field.
IMG_20140308_160609 IMG_20140308_155312 IMG_20140308_155437 IMG_20140308_155810 IMG_20140308_155252 IMG_20140308_155256


There is an area in the cedars (shown in field images) that may have some usable spots.
IMG_20140308_155615 IMG_20140308_155533


To the left of the field edge is Cane Creek. The ripple area of the creek in the pic is shallow and can work for the fly fishing shoot you want to do.